R markdown errors - not knitting

I was getting errors knitting .Rmarkdown or .Rmd files and the culprint was that I had multiple .Rprofiles in my Home and project directories. The error is as shown below

Everytime I restarted the machine it was loading the previous workspace with the following error.

At first I thought .RData was the culprint and I unliked it using unlink("~/.RData"). It still did not solve the problem.

I had updated to the latest Rversion and my first instinct was update libraries, uninstall and reinstall R+Rstudio but still the error was there anytime I tried knitting. I tried most suggestions provided such as including self_contained: no and even installed tinytex : tinytex::install_tinytex().


The following solution was provided by Yihue Xie.

First, I had to uncheck the Restore workspace in the Global settings as show below and checked if the project directory had any .Rprofile and set it according to this link.

The following are some great resources that helped me

  1. R setup
  2. Startup - Rprofile

Finally, I can run my files without any hustle. Thanks to the support of Yihue Xhie and Christopher Dervieux. They helped me figure out where the problem was.

If you’d like to refer to the conversation, I lodged an issue to the Rstudio community and Github here.